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Dragon Fruit Irish Sea Moss Gel

Dragon Fruit Irish Sea Moss Gel

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Something great can always be better, that’s why here at MOSSIE be decided to pack our incredible Irish Sea Moss Gel with even more nutrients and health benefits with the help from the famous “Superfood”, Dragon Fruit or like others call it, “Pitaya” 

Enjoy the freshness and health of Irish Moss, as well as from this delicious Tropical Superfood.

*will have a slight sea taste, since it is an all-natural product


  • Chondrus Crispus
  • Alkaline Water
  • Organic Honey
  • Organic Fruit*

*Corresponding to listed flavor

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Keto Friendly
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Customer Reviews

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Sergio B

Wow! Honestly can’t explain how amazing this sea moss is. Tastes amazing and could instantly feel the results. I’ve been wanting to try sea moss ever since watching the Dr. Sebi videos and researching all of the benefits that sea moss has to offer. I was reluctant to buy from other companies but I’m so happy that I came across a company that not only offers moss that tastes amazing but also provides so many benefits.
So far I’ve tried the pineapple and dragon fruit flavored sea moss (pineapple is my favorite lol) but can’t wait to try all the other flavors that mossie has to offer.
The best thing is how quickly they shipped the moss to me. I ordered it on Monday and received it by Thursday!
Can’t wait to continue on using Mossie Sea Moss!